Machete Tv offers a 3rd party media application designed to play Machete TV services available under license only. We do not own, control, manage, store, or otherwise have anything to do with any content displayed through your apps, and all logos, marks, material, and all else displaying on your TV screen is owned by those respective companies.

Your purchase is backed by an iron-clad promise. We are confident that you will love our app. So much so, we back it with this unheard of guarantee. If within the first 7 days and for any reason, if we have not provided superb service and you are unhappy with your purchase, We will personally refund your fees minus a $8.95 cancellation fee (it's what we are charged) to cover our merchant refund fees. Fair enough?

Our Services

Cutting Edge

Machete TV delivers the best IPTV subscription experience available in the market place today.

Dedicated Support Team

These guys keep the cogs turning and are on hand to make sure you have an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Compatible Devices

Compatible with multiple devices such as Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Desktop, Android TV, iPhone, iPad, and more.

Multiple Providers

Machete Tv purchases client connection licenses from authorized content providers around the world.

WHY Machete Tv

Reliable Hardware

Our team works directly with content providers to provider that cutting edge streaming TV to your favorite devices. Make the first move and click on one of the package buttons today and talk to an agent. Machete Tv has been recently voted as the #1 replacement to Machete Tv as many users have noted that the service is down for good. Not to worry! Visit the chat box here and an Agent can assist you with uninstalling your apps and install our new APK.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our 24 hour Customer Support team is here to help you at any time, any day, any hour! Due to increasing demand, Machete Tv has hired dozens of new support staff to assist with the uninstall and reinstall of your new APK. You will find that our system now includes a TON of new content and we hope you enjoy the new add ons. Remember, don’t believe everything you see and hear!  Machete TV is here to stay.

Industry Leader

The Machete Tv app has been meticulously crafted to provide the most cutting edge experience in Live TV today. Our app can support multi screen (up to 4 Picture in picture screens) and full 4k decoding. Many users who have been using the MacheteReloaded APK must now uninstall that app and install the the Machete Tv APK. Visit the chat now and they can walk you through this process. Its easy to do and you can be on your way to the best new APK for Live TV in the marketplace!

Discover The Best IPTV Application With Machete Tv

Starting at only $25 per month, you can now buy an IPTV app subscription now. Reseller opportunities available in your area, ask about it!

Request a Username & Password Now

First things first, choose a plan from one of the options available on this site. Once you’ve decided, click on it and you will be directed to our HELP DESK to complete the order. At that stage, they will direct you to the appropriate portal for you to complete your payment and will then walk you through the installation process on the spot.